Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a locker?

That depends, we have two sizes of lockers.

  • A small locker is $10.
  • A large locker costs $20.

When can I get a locker?

Now! Please contact an executive or stop by our office to purchase one.

How much is a CSSS Membership?

It's on us ;)

What do I get with a CSSS Membership?

Ability to attend and vote during CSSS meetings, various discounts at local businesses and participate in events we host.

Where are we?

The 3rd floor of the Spinks (S338), next to the lounge.

How do I sign up for CSSS sports?

Talk to our sports rep. Come to the office and ask!

Do you have old exams?

Yes we do, but they're a bit out of date.

Who do I ask if I have a question?

Anyone really, but we do have specialized members if you have specific questions. You can also visit our Discord server or send us an email.