Our purpose

To encourage and strengthen community between students of computer science and other students, the Department of Computer Science, and potential employers, as well as to spread information about computer science and technology through lectures, seminars, publications, and events.

What we offer


A CSSS membership gets you into events, gets you deals at sponsored stores, and so much more. And its only 5 dollars! Stop by the office for details.


The CSSS offers two sizes of lockers on the 3rd floor of Spinks for $15 or $25. Best of all, CSSS memberships are free with the rental of a locker!


We sell various snacks, food and drinks from our office. All proceeds fund events, games and the CSSS banquet and graduation ceremony!


The CSSS has teams that compete in Campus Recreational Intermurals each year. Stop by the CSSS office to sign up.

The CSSS lounge is located on the third floor of Spinks.
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