Week of October 11

  • This Wednesday at 5:45 in S320, a very important CSSS meeting, townhall style. Have questions/concerns/complaints/statements/or are curious about our student lounge? Come to the meeting. Everyone is welcome
  • Movie nights are back!
    • Every Wednesday at 7pm in the lounge
  • Game jam is next weekend! The 21st to 23rd.
    • This is an excellent way to learn to make games if you want to learn, and if you already know how it’ll be a great way to showcase your knowledge.
  • Bar night November 18th! Mark it in your calendars
    • Will be going to Mana Bar, looking to get a bus for students to get a ride to and from
    • Prices will be announced later. Stop by the CSSS office, let us know if you’re interested!
    • Leave your information and we can send you an email when more details come out