Announcements for week of October 2nd

Comment Block

/* Comment Block */, a series of public speaking workshops aimed at computer science students! Do you want to improve your presentation skills for a project this term? Do you want a skill employers crave? Are you considering entrepreneurship or graduate school? Then come check out / Comment Block / and build your public speaking confidence! Our next session is Thursday, October 5th, 5pm in Thorv 125.

IGDA ( International Game Developers Association )

Do you know about GameJam? Did you know thats put together by our local IGDA academic chapter? If you're interested in the happenings with the IGDA, come talk to Rowan or Janelle Berscheid for more information.

Project Showcase

We are thinking about revitalizing a project showcase. Do you have any awesome projects you've done for class or in your own free time? Toss us an email or come talk to us in person. We'd love to hear what your projects are.

Sports Sign-up reminder

A reminder to sign up for sports, most sports have a deadline for Thursday October 5th. You can find the signup form here.

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